Designed & Hand-crafted Bangles & Earrings using Moloka'i Shells & Seaglass! Children Bangles & Children Sundresses sewn with unique colors & patterns


  Molokai Island Inspired Creations-Locally-made (with Moloka'i shells) Adult & Children bangles and earrings.  Hand-crafted Children sundressess!  

Hand-crafted unique pattern & color sundresses for toddlers!
Original design and color selections!

tula is island inspired jewelry from treasures found on the shores of the Hawaiian Islands.  We are two sisters from the island of Moloka'i who hand craft each jewelry piece. We use all sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled materials along with real shells and sea glass that we personally find.  Our creations express our passion for the ocean and the Aloha spirit.

We design bangles and earrings with Moloka'i shells for adults and children. Our Shells are scarce natural resources therefore the color and size of the shell will vary. Click on the Photo Gallery to view our designs.  Each item is a one-of-a kind piece.   Select your item number, go to Web Store and make your purchase.  Mahalo for supporting our custom designs!!

We also design and sew sundresses for the keiki (children). The sundresses are perfect for your toddler, carefree and easy to maintain.  The 100% cotton sundress colors and patterns are handpicked and sewn on Moloka'i.  Each one is sewn using unique color combinations not available anywhere else.  Click on Photo Gallery Dresses to view our designs.

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